Headshot_4.jpgHi, I’m Becky! I’m an energetic Minneapolis-based graphic designer and lifestyle blogger. I specialize in print and web design and am passionate about connecting conscious consumers to sustainable products and brands, health and wellness, and education.

I love traveling and packing as lightly as possible, striving for zero waste, experiments (ex: TV-free January), getting lost in art museums, mountain biking, and am the creator of www.lightandminimal.com (@lightandminimal), a featured lifestyle blog about making room for what matters through simple-living and minimalism.

Thanks for stoping by to check out my work! I would love to connect and can be reached at becky.lynn.sims@gmail.com or LinkedIn.



Erskine College | Bachelor of Science Degree in Visual Arts (2010) Emphasis: Graphic Design, Drawing, Photography

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